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Global E-Learning for Software Adoption/User Enablement


In a rapidly evolving, global environment of technology, massive budgets are being devoted to the development and deployment of application software with tangible consequences for business organizations.  These investments are made with an expectation of a return (ROI) which is inevitably tied to how effectively the software is used, i.e. software adoption and user enablement.   


International Technologies offers a suite of services that uniquely address the development and deployment of online documentation and training materials  and we deliver high marks on software adoption and end user enablement.  

 Typical Project Engagements


These services are applicable and effective for any organization involved in software implementations impacting large, diverse and geographically dispersed user communities.  These are examples of the most common types of projects we undertake:


  • Content Creation -  Entirely new software implementation


  • Content Creation /Enrichment -  Global roll-out of existing implementation


  • Content Revision -  Upgrade of existing implementation


Global E-Learning services based on an adaptable methodology, proven processes and a unique blend of expertise (industry specific, application vendor specific, Automation tools, native language translators).  


Well suited for commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom developed software applications


  • Create learning content


  • Enhance/improve existing content


  • Create Simulation Video, Transaction narratives, Context Sensitivity


  • Language Translation and Localization (Native Language Translators)


  • Change management




  • Dedicated Account/Project Management


  • Turnkey remote


  • Scalable to your requirements as they change


  • Customizable


  • Multiple language solutions to support global requirements


  • Automation tools


  • Higher productivity through improved software adoption and user enablement


  • Cost savings over traditional documentation and training deployments 


  • Maximize return on software technology investments

  • Easily  modified to support future upgrades

  • Improved Knowledge retention


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